Melissa (walkin_by_faith) wrote,

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Wow... I can't believe....

...that someone so far away can still cause so much pain. I'll be honest in saying I am hurt. I feel abandoned. I feel uncared for. This is ridiculous. The very day I decide to open my heart a little and do one small act of kindness, I get shut down. I'm pretty much finished. But, my one curse won't allow me to. You see, I'm pretty much loyal to the end. I am not perfect, I admit that. But for the most part, I am fiercely loyal to my friends. No matter how many times I am hurt, how many times I am pushed off to the side, how many times I am abandoned all together--I will never cease to be there for them. And that's what is the worst part--because by being so loyal, I set myself up for heartache time and time again.I hate it--but I can't stop. I have to give them a second chance.

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