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The Storm

"At first we see Christ without the storm, Christ coming apart from the clouds. Heaven is so close at hand that earth dwindles, and it's biggest concerns become trifles. The Father will not let you believe that; and so He sends us a sobering down. You have seen Christ without the storm; He gives us a vision of the storm without Christ, a vision painful but helpful. It brings us into touch with human grief; it teaches us the fellowship that lies in the mystery of pain; bless our Father for the sobering hour. At last there comes to us the reconciling marriage, the waiting for Christ in the storm. You have seen Christ alone; you have seen your storm alone;  but the marriage is coming.
These feet Divine shall touch our human sea, it is not less storm we need, it is more light."

--George Matheson--

'The realization there is more is so necessary for our growth, and it often comes as the result of this painful process... This suffering, this union with His pain, places within us a yearning for more of Him, not less pain, but more of Him. What a strange, but wonderful process; it narrows our focus and purpose in life."

(from the study of Philippians 3:12-16 with Pastor Frank Hedrick at Cornerstone Christian Fellowship)
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