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What does it mean to have a heart of worship? After Pastor Frank's study on Sunday, I haven't been able to get my mind off of that question. Do I have a heart of worship? Is my praise sincere? How easy it is to get tangled up in our flesh when we are on stage and can easily become the center of attention!

God does not need our praise. He is not dependent on it. Instead he desires it greatly. It is such an intimate and deep desire that He has. We can't even begin to fathom what it is like. We were created to worship and commune with God...but not because God was lacking with out it and needed us to make him complete. He was complete. God created us out of his desire to commune daily with us. Our praise is a sweet smelling incense when our hearts are right before God. it's pleasing.

How hard it is for me to truly worship God, especially when I am up on stage. Perhaps part of it is my insecurities about being on stage. Part of it may also be because I am easily distracted with where my emotions are that morning. If I'm angry, I find it hard to bring myself to sing during worship. If I'm sad, worship alone will bring tears to my eyes. If I'm hurt, I sit there and question why God would put me through whatever trial I am going through. Our worship can be so easily led by our emotions. How we are feeling at the moment can change the entire mind set of that time of communing with and pleasing God.

I find that sometimes I can really tell that my heart is right before God. I know that sounds slightly conceited--but it is not meant that way. Maybe it's more that I am more aware of the spiritual sense of worship at that time. But sometimes, I experience a moment...a moment so full of such a powerful praise that I feel like my flesh can't handle it. It's that moment where the words to the song hit home so hard that I want to cry and laugh at the same time. My whole body becomes completely overwhelmed with the desire to just cry out praises to my God. In that moment, nothing else matters. I can't hear anyone else. I can't feel anyone else. It's just me. It may only last for a minute or two, but afterwards I desire it to last for a lifetime. It's definitely a high. It's like I reached up at touched the base of something so much bigger. And in that moment of recognition... in that moment of realizing how deep our worship to God is... I realize how small I am and how unworthy I am of God's desire for me.

Search your hearts, my friend. Do you sing during worship because it's what you do? Stop and listen to the words you are singing--they are deep and not meant to be taken lightly. Are you sincere in what you are saying to God at that moment? Worship songs sing of praise and adoration, commitment to God, conviction, repentance, and humility. Be careful what you sing. Our worship is a sacrifice. We GIVE it TO God. Don't say...or sing... things to God that you don't truly mean. There is a difference between pleasing and unacceptable worship.

On another note--worship is not a "presentation". Going off of what Pastor Frank said on Sunday, today worship has become so much like a "show". We become so stuck on perfection and how it looks and sounds. As I sat there on Sunday looking back over the years, I realized how true this was! The difference between when I sang at SE and when I sing now at Cornerstone is that there is less of a push for perfection. Don't get me wrong, I am not saying that our worship is better than anyone else--because that is NOT true. I have come to realize that it's not about how it's about my heart. I have heard that so much over the years--but it wasn't until recently that it really hit home.

I have been experiencing a much deeper communion with God because of the things I have been learning. I'm not so worried with how it sounds anymore. If I am worshiping my Lord with a correct heart, then it will be a sweet smelling sacrifice no matter how it sounds. I love the atmosphere of worship at my church. It's so pure and not show-y in anyway. It encourages me to be that as well. Kenny encourages me to focus on worshiping God and to not worry about perfection anymore. My offering to God will be perfect if I have a heart for Him singing in myself.

I look forward to the months ahead. Opportunities are in sight where I can be stretched and molded more and more into who the Lord wants me to be. I am anxious, but willing. I am scared, but ready. I am nervous (to death!), but excited to see what happens.

Allow the Lord to reveal to a deeper way of worship. Present yourselves as sweet incense before Him. Experience the blessing of pleasing your Lord!
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