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The life of an ordinary girl...with an awesome God...

"My lips will shout for joy when I sing praises to You"

23 January
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"The aim and final end of all music should be none other than the glory of God and the refreshment of the soul." -Johann Sebastian Bach


What to say? I'm cool.... popular.... the best at everything.... Hold on a sec... who are we talking about here? Me? Cool? Popular? yah right... maybe in my dreams! Anywho, my name is Melissa. I'm not what you would call an "average" teenager. Looking at the world now, I wouldn't want to be one.

I grew up in California. Being utterly insane, my family gave up the beautiful, sunny, GORGEOUS Cali, for boring, rainy, but very green Oregon. When I came here I realized, hey this is home! I love the rain. I love green. It's great.

I go to Calvary Chapel South East. In case you are wondering, it's a church. Actually, a great church. Well, really it is the BEST CHURCH EVER! I've been going there for almost 10 years now, and I love it!

As many other students, I'm not quite sure of what I want to do academically. As of right now, I am registered for 14 credits at Mount Hood Community College. My current major is English. I will hopefully (IF the Lord wills it) be transferring to Corban college (http://www.corban.edu/) to study English Literature. I'm not quite sure what I'll be doing with my Bachelor degree... Maybe go on to become a teacher... Whatever I do, I pray it will be the Lord's will and not mine.

I just got back from a six-day missions trip to Juarez, Mexico. I had an amazing time. If you read my journal, (http://www.livejournal.com/users/walkin_by_faith/155335.html) you can read all about what happened during the trip and such. It was a tough trip, full of many trials and hardships. But the Lord worked through it all... and in the end, I was more blessed by the trip then I expected to be!

Reading. Who does not like to read? No one right? Well, okay... maybe Mary. But me, I'm a reading freak! Like last week alone I finished 3 books! Yah... I'm a fast reader... and I like to impress people with my sick mad reading skills... I read about a hundred pages an hour... fast, eh?

I love music. It's engraved into my soul. I play guitar, a little bit of piano, the djembai, the box, and kind of know bass. I love listening to music tho. The best type of music is the kind that glorifies God... worship music... My favorite bands include: Kutless, Logan Martin, Shawn Macdonald, Jeremy Camp,Newsboys, Falling Up, Seven Places, Barlow Girls, and many many more. Check out some of these bands if yuo haven't already!

Poetry. I love writing and reading poetry. One of my favorite poets is Robert Frost. His poetry was so beautiful. I have started to write more and more poetry during this last year. The majority of my poetry is written about my emotions, when I'm really angry, sad, hurt, depressed, or happy. Sometimes it's really angry, or really depressing. It kind of varies. But behind my poetry, is God. Some can't see it, but I can. Poetry becomes my outlet, my cry to God.

I'm trying to seek the Lord with all my heart, and do what He wants me to do with my life. It's hard, and can be confusing, with my heart and mind telling me to go my own way. But I know that God's plan is the best for me... So I'll trust only Him with my life!

Summary: I'm a chick, who loves God, loves to read, loves to write poetry, loves to sing, and worship my Lord and Savior, and wants to follow Him with all of her heart!!!

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